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Whistleblower Retaliation Cases

In recent years, there has been substantial national attention focused upon whistleblower retaliation cases. But what is whistleblower retaliation and to whom does it apply? Whistleblower retaliation generally describes a legal claim based upon the termination or...

Severance Agreements

Under Pennsylvania law, most employees are considered to be employed at will. This means that the employee can be terminated for any reason -- or for no reason at all. And there is no law requiring the employer to pay severance to a terminated employee. Nevertheless,...

What is Minority Shareholder Oppression

In Pennsylvania, there are thousands of small businesses that are organized as corporations and owned by a small group of shareholders. They are referred to as closely held corporations. The person or persons who own 51% or more of the shares of the corporation will...

Fraud Claims in Business Litigation

Business disputes come in many shapes and sizes. When filing a lawsuit, of course, attorneys will attempt to cast the facts in the light most favorable to their clients. Likewise, they will select the legal theories that best correspond to the underlying factual...

Where Do I File?

in the majority of business litigation matters, the plaintiff has the option of choosing among various venues in which to file the case. It is possible that the case could be brought in either a state or a federal court, or in a court located in one of several states,...

Mediating Business Disputes

Most business litigation matters will never make it to trial. That is a statistical fact. The vast majority of civil cases will either be settled or dismissed before a trial occurs. Indeed, if every case that were filed had to be tried, the courts would grind to a...

Oral Agreements in Business Disputes

You might be surprised how frequently business is conducted on the basis of an agreement that is not in writing. All sorts of agreements, large and small, valuable and nominal, are routinely negotiated and performed on a verbal basis. But when a dispute arises, the...

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