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Practical Advice. Relentless Advocacy.
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Being an Advocate

Good trial lawyers are zealous advocates for their clients. I don’t believe there is a more important aspect of the attorney client relationship. This does not mean that your lawyer should blindly accept everything you tell him about your case. The converse is true....

Be Worthy

As you might expect, prospective clients often ask me to handicap their likelihood of success at trial. It’s a fair question. Do you think I will win? To answer this question, of course, I need to know both the facts and the law applicable to the case. But neither the...

Year In Review

As 2020 winds down, I look back at the last 12 months and reflect on what I was able to accomplish on behalf of my clients.  Business Litigation -- 2020 was an unusual year for trials, with many of them being postponed due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, I managed to try...

Is Litigation Appealing?

In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, major business and employment litigation cases will usually be tried to a judge or a jury at a trial court level. In Pennsylvania, this is the Court of Common Pleas, and in New Jersey, this is the Superior Court Law Division. After...

Should I Settle?

Business and employment litigation disputes can be tricky, and it is difficult to accurately predict a trial outcome. For this reason, it can be equally complicated to evaluate the value of a case for settlement purposes. That said, the courts will usually apply...