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Month: January 2022

The Blizzard of 2022

We are getting 6-10 inches of snow dumped on us this weekend. And if you are like me, your thoughts turn to two things: shoveling and contract law. Contracts can be classified as bilateral or unilateral. A bilateral contract arises when both sides to the contract...

Disciplinary Actions

Licensed professionals, like everyone else, sometimes make mistakes. When they do, from time to time, those mistakes lead to administrative disciplinary actions in which the professional is subject to license revocation, suspension, reprimand, or other types of...

Djokovic Fiasco

I am a huge tennis fan. I am also a huge law fan. This week I spent a lot of time following the legal goings on in Australian regarding Novak Djokovic. The final decision won't be rendered until later today, at the earliest. I am not predicting a result and I have no...


At trial, relevant evidence is admissible and irrelevant evidence is not. Something is relevant if it is tends to make a fact at issue in the trial more or less likely. This is not complicated. Information that would be useful in deciding the truth of the facts in...

New Year’s Resolutions

2022 will mark my 31st year as an attorney, and my 22nd year practicing solo. As I continue to grow as a person and a practitioner, it’s a good idea to take stock of where I’ve come from, where I am now, and where I’d like to go. To that end, here are my 2022 New...