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by | Mar 17, 2024 | Firm News |

The Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to communicate with their clients about their goals and objectives. Sadly, many attorneys do a poor job of communicating. I’m not talking about returning phone calls or responding to emails. That is important too. I’m talking about the conversations during which a client obtains a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished in litigation, the benefits and risks of any particular strategic approach, and the financial impact of the various options available. This should be a running dialogue, because in litigation things can change drastically and quickly. Strategies should be revisited, revised, abandoned and confirmed, as the case may be. But in no event are these choices solely those of the attorney. Every client is entitled to be heard and to be part of the team. Litigation is art, not science. There are usually several ways, if not more, to try to accomplish a goal. Brainstorming together and communicating consistently are vital components of a health attorney/client relationship.

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