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Attorneys practice law under the authority of the states in which they are licensed to practice. Each state has adopted an ethical code that attorneys are required to follow. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where I practice, the ethical codes are referred to as the...

Litigating Contracts

A contract is nothing more than a mutual exchange of enforceable promises. Sounds simple enough. Two parties, each promising to do something. So naturally, contract disputes are simple matters, right? Wrong. In actuality, contract disputes can be extremely...


For most Philadelphia trial lawyers, impeachment refers to the process of minimizing the effect of an adverse witnesses' testimony. This can be done through cross-examination of the witness to expose inaccuracies in the testimony, to demonstrate its unreliability, to...

Courthouse Decorum

For many litigants, their trial is the one and only time they will ever step foot inside a courtroom. They are anxious, nervous, and maybe upset about having to be there. These feelings are normal. Nevertheless, proper courtroom decorum can make a difference in the...

Arbitration or Trial?

It depends. I don’t subscribe to the view that arbitration is always a better venue for any certain type of case or litigant. For me, a case by case approach is the more appropriate way to determine whether arbitration or trial is the better forum. Points for...

It’s Never Too Late

It is never too late to make positive changes. This statement applies well to professional disciplinary matters. In cases involving violations of professional ethical codes, there are two basic approaches that I have observed. The first approach involves denying the...