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Month: April 2022

Something Different

I tried something different recently, I filed a lawsuit in an entirely new practice area. It was challenging. For so many years, the vast majority of my practice has involved business and employment litigation. Trying something new means trying something old. Digging...

Whirlwind Week

What a week! There were not enough hours available to do everything I needed to do this week. That’s what weekends are for. I filed a new lawsuit, tried an arbitration, handled a full day mediation, filed a motion for preliminary injunction, served discovery...

Third Party Lawsuits

Breach of contract cases generally involve disputes between the parties to the contract. After all, a contract is an exchange of enforceable promises, and it is normally one of the parties to whom a promise has been made that is claiming the promise was not kept. For...


I cannot remember ever hearing the word mediation in law school. As a young attorney, mediation was not a regular part of the litigation process. In the early 1990’s, cases settled on the eve of trial, generally with the help of the assigned trial judge at a Pretrial...

Jumping Off

Most business litigation matters end up settling prior to trial. But when? How? Wouldn't it be in the best interests of businesses to immediately identify the potential issues and exposures, then sit down and work out a settlement? In a word...Yes. But that rarely...