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Where Do I File?

in the majority of business litigation matters, the plaintiff has the option of choosing among various venues in which to file the case. It is possible that the case could be brought in either a state or a federal court, or in a court located in one of several states,...

Mediating Business Disputes

Most business litigation matters will never make it to trial. That is a statistical fact. The vast majority of civil cases will either be settled or dismissed before a trial occurs. Indeed, if every case that were filed had to be tried, the courts would grind to a...

Oral Agreements in Business Disputes

You might be surprised how frequently business is conducted on the basis of an agreement that is not in writing. All sorts of agreements, large and small, valuable and nominal, are routinely negotiated and performed on a verbal basis. But when a dispute arises, the...

Labor Day Thought

Recently, when discussing the moment he knew that he had to terminate a member of his professional team, a client told me that it was when the team member complained about several supporting members of the team. The supporting employees were administrative and...

Severance Pay

I receive many inquiries from recently terminated employees asking about their right to severance pay. In the states where I practice, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there is no common law right to severance pay. However, although relatively rare, there are some...

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Business Litigation is a document intensive practice. More often that not, a dispute as to what happened in a particular case is determined by reviewing the parties’ contemporaneous documents. When I began to practice law, documents consisted primarily of letters,...

This Isn’t Science

I enjoy speaking to prospective clients, learning about their businesses, hearing about their legal disputes, and most of all, collaborating with them to develop a strategy for representation. I often explain to clients that two terrific lawyers can hear the same set...

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