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Month: February 2022

Peace in Eastern Europe

Today, instead of blogging about business litigation, I want offer personal thoughts to my friends, neighbors, clients and colleagues from Eastern Europe. I am hoping for a quick end to the hostilities in Ukraine, and for peace in the region. Praying that your...

Negotiating Your Release

Before an employee with a signed restrictive covenant resigns and takes a job that may arguably violate the terms of the restrictive covenant, he or she should consider asking the current employers to waive the terms of the restrictive covenant. This is a strategic...

The Documents Tell The Tale

In business litigation disputes, the testimony of the witnesses is frequently not the most important evidence offered at trial. What is? The parties' documents. The documents usually tell the tale - and they do it in a way that is generally more credible than a...

Disciplinary Actions – Consequences

For licensed professionals in the midst of disciplinary actions, it is important to analyze the effect an adverse disciplinary action may potentially have on your affiliations with third parties. Of course, the termination of your license in a disciplinary action will...