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Month: July 2022

Why Do Employers Settle?

I have been handling employment disputes for over 30 years. During that time, little has changed. There are a few more laws protecting employees than there used to be. But basically everything else is the same. I represent both employees and employers. I enjoy doing...

It’s All Ball Bearings

There are very significant differences between the various types business entities that are available for formation. But few of my clients have any meaningful ability to differentiate between a corporation, a limited liability company, or a partnership. Fewer still...

Start Climbing

Have you ever watched what a rock climber does before starting a complicated ascent? That’s right… the climber plans each move. If the climber just started climbing without carefully considering the efficiencies and ramifications of decisions, the climb might fail, or...

Independence Day

Wishing all my clients and colleagues a very happy Independence Day. 22 years ago, I chose independence for myself by going solo. It has been quite a ride. It is remarkable that all these years later I am essentially doing exactly what I was doing as a 24 year old...