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Practical Advice. Relentless Advocacy.
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Month: May 2021

Memorial Day Thought

As I enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with my family, my thoughts turn to the nature of the law practice when I first started 30 years ago. The biggest difference is the technological advances that have come along. As a young lawyer, my boss would occasionally call me on a...

What are trade secrets?

Many Pennsylvania companies have confidential business information that is classified as a ‘trade secret.’ A trade secret can be the heart of your whole business and the thing that sets you apart from the competition. Some of the most famous ‘trade secrets’ include...

What’s the Deal?

Many common contractual situations involve a mutual exchange of performance. For instance, you agree to paint my house and I agree to pay you upon completion. But there are occasions when, after reaching an initial agreement, the parties decide to modify its terms. On...

Civil Conspiracy

When can someone be legally liable for the unlawful conduct of someone else? There are several circumstances in which this is true. One of them is in the case of a civil conspiracy. A civil conspiracy occurs when two or more persons agree to commit an unlawful act and...