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Month: March 2021

Jury Trials in a COVID-19 World

The Courts in which I practice are resuming jury trials and I have several scheduled in the near future. It is going to be fascinating to see how COVID-19 affects them. Will we be able to seat and keep a jury? How will physical distancing affect the conduct of the...

Business Litigation is Business

I love business litigation. Most of my clients don’t - and that’s a good thing. Business men and women should love their businesses, and loving litigation is generally not the best way to love your business. It is expensive, time consuming, distracting, and risky....

Zoom Or Room?

As Courthouses begin to reopen in earnest, I have begun to appreciate the transformational advancement in the legal profession know as the Zoom conference. I hope that judges and court administrators throughout the country realize how much more efficient it is for...

Working it Out

There are a variety of ways in which business partners can sever their relationship. They vary from amicable to acrimonious; from simple to highly complex. The method by which partners separate is generally dissolution. In highly combative situations, dissolution can...