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Practical Advice. Relentless Advocacy.
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Month: June 2022

The Opposite of Independent

Is dependent the opposite of independent? Not in the law. The opposite of independent is actually “employee.” There has been a proliferation of litigation regarding whether persons who are treated as independent contractors have actually been misclassified and should...

Some Material About Breaches

A contract is a mutual exchange of promises. The failure to perform a contractual promise once performance becomes due is a breach of contract. But what is the effect of a breach of contract? That can be complicated. Every breach provides a remedy to the non-breaching...

Getting it Right

As attorneys, we are asked to prepare and file or serve documents. Frequently, the client is in a rush to have something done. That’s fine, but just like Paul Masson used to say, you should not sell your wine before its time. It is vitally important that you fully and...

Super Lawyers

I was named to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list for 2022 in the field of business litigation. This is the 10th time I have been selected. It is an honor to be recognized, and in a profession that does not have much benchmarking, I generally consider those listed to...