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Month: November 2021

Thanksgiving Thought

This Thanksgiving, as usual, I am thankful to have terrific clients. That’s obvious. But upon deeper reflection, I am also thankful for a group that may surprise you. I am thankful for opposing counsel. You don’t get to choose your family. . . and the same is true of...

Appellate Advocacy

This week I had an appellate argument in the Pennsylvania Superior Court. It was only the Court’s second day of live arguments in Philadelphia since the pandemic began. The three judge panel was visibly happy to hear the arguments live after 18 months on Zoom. The...

Enforcing Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements in business litigation matters often involve complicated terms and promises of future performance. Perhaps for this reason, there is a tremendous amount of litigation involving the subsequent enforcement of settlement agreements. When settling a...

A Week In The Life

So, you want to be a trial lawyer? This week I worked on a dozen complex litigation matters. Each client wants, and of course deserves, the highest level of attention and care. I drafted new lawsuits, responded to pending motions, served discovery, took depositions,...