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Non Compete

At the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken, we represent parties in disputes concerning the enforcement of confidentiality or non-compete agreements. In these difficult economic times, we work to protect the livelihood of employees against whom non-competes are being enforced and employers who have been harmed by the violation of the non-compete agreement. Meet with Stanley Cheiken in our Bucks County office to discuss your non-compete agreement dispute.

Laws governing non-compete contracts

To keep non-compete contracts inhibiting the economy, courts only uphold contracts that meet acceptable guidelines. The agreements must stay within reasonable industrial and geographical limitations, remain applicable to a company’s interests, and enforce a realistic timeline. Because the requirements for non-compete agreements are so specific, your best bet is to consult with Stanley Cheiken, who has worked extensively with these types of contracts.

How we can help with your non-compete agreements

At the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken, we draft non-compete agreements for employers and review agreements for employees before they sign them. Additionally, we handle these types of matters related to non-compete agreements:

  • Wrongful termination of employees who refuse to sign non-compete contracts
  • Litigation on behalf of employees trapped in legally dubious non-compete contracts
  • Negotiation of agreements and settlements between employees and employers

Sometimes an employer defaults on the severance agreement. When the former employee seeks to collect the amounts due under the settlement, the employer will allege violations of the non-compete agreement to gain leverage against the former employee. Our experience with the range of possibilities in severance agreement negotiations and litigation can help protect your interests both in the assertion of your own rights and in defense of counterclaims against you.

In addition to negotiating non-compete agreements before an employee signs them, we work to negotiate settlements between an employer and its former employee in non-compete disputes. Avoiding litigation minimizes expenses, saves time, and helps everyone involved to move on.

Speak with us about your non-compete agreement

We aid clients in understanding their rights and obligations under executive compensation law in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in litigating disputes involving partners, executives, business organizations, and licensed professionals, contact the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in Langhorne.

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