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Negotiating and enforcing severance agreements

At the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in suburban Philadelphia, we represent executive, professional, and key technical employees. We assist them with the negotiation and enforcement of severance agreements to resolve employment disputes. We also help restructure or sell closely held corporations throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To learn how our experience with the resolution of workplace problems for highly compensated employees can benefit you, contact an experienced attorney.

Get advice on your severance pay issues

We represent clients in Bucks County who require advice concerning the following issues:

  • Severance pay
  • Health insurance and COBRA benefits
  • Stock options and the liquidation of equity interests
  • Valuation of processes, software, or other intellectual property developed by our client
  • Waiver of rights with respect to future compensation, commissions, equity interests, contingent payments, bonuses, or benefits
  • Indemnification and release on the client’s guaranty of business debt, stock pledges, or other personal liability on company obligations
  • Negotiation of the specific terms of employment references or public statements concerning the client’s departure

Many mergers, sales, or dissolutions of closely held corporations or partnerships carry legal implications for a departing partner or shareholder who plays an active role in the business as an executive or professional. This is especially true when the departing employee is also a minority owner because the value of his or her stake in the enterprise might depend more on the employment relationship than it does on ownership interest.

Severance packages are often too small

We frequently review severance offers that our clients have received, and we generally find that close analysis of these situations yield the discovery of multiple areas where the offer can be improved. Our objective is to identify and assign a value to the full range of rights that your employer wants you to waive. More often than not, the first offer ignores a significant quantity of that value.

Whether you need assistance with an existing severance package or will need assistance soon, consult our office as soon as possible. We do everything in our power to maximize your severance payments.

Let us review your severance offer or agreement

We apply our knowledge of severance law to matters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For a free consultation about our ability to represent your interests effectively in any severance negotiation or dispute, contact an experienced employment lawyer at the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in Langhorne.

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