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Tortious Interference With Contracts

Tortious interference with contractual relations occurs when someone intentionally and improperly interferes with a contractual relationship between two other parties – usually causing one of the parties to terminate the contract or business relationship with the other party. Tortious interference is most often committed by business competitors or disgruntled former partners/employees.

If you suspect that another party has interfered with a contractual agreement you are engaged in, causing you loss or damages, it is important that you take proactive steps to protect your business interests by holding the party accountable for these actions.

Experienced Litigation Of Tortious Interference, Contracts And Third-Party Interference

I regularly represent businesses in claims for tortious interference, protecting the interests and business objectives of my clients by taking swift action. I will guide you through all legal options at your disposal, collaborating with you to determine a road map to an efficient and cost-effective resolution. Should monetary damages be available to you given losses that you may have incurred, I will aggressively litigate to ensure that you are granted all that you are owed for the tampering of the interfering party.

To successfully hold the responsible parties accountable, it must be proven that the interfering party knew of the contract or relationship and took intentional action to disrupt that agreement. This could include influencing parties within the contract to breach the terms of the contract or engage in misrepresentation. It must be shown that these actions and influence substantively damaged the agreement and harmed the business interests of one or more parties involved in the contract.

With nearly 30 years of experience in business litigation and tortious interference, I am skilled in putting together the evidence needed to demonstrate the key points, protecting your interests in court.

To discuss the dispute in question and the interfering actions of a third party, please contact Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken today at 215-572-8600.

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