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Philadelphia Business Fraud Attorney

The fraudulent actions or intentional misrepresentation of facts by one party to a business transaction can result in significant losses or damages for other parties. If you suspect that this has occurred, harming your business, it is critical that you initiate legal action to hold the responsible party accountable and protect your business.

I have nearly 30 years experience representing business owners and professionals in all types of business litigation, zealously protecting the goals and interests of my clients. I explain all available legal options and work with each client to create a road map to an efficient and cost-effective resolution, tailored to the specific objectives and budgetary considerations of the business.

Skilled Protection Of Your Business Interests Against Fraud And Misrepresentation

To successfully litigate business fraud or negligent misrepresentation, you must prove that the party/party’s:

  • Intentionally falsified information or made a false representation, whether through deceit or a deliberate concealment of relevant facts
  • Misrepresented information that was critical to the agreement or transaction
  • Intended to induce action or lack of action through the intentional misrepresentation
  • Misrepresentation caused the other party to suffer loss, damages or harm to the business

I move efficiently to investigate the details of the claim, assembling the material facts and documentation to show that intentional fraud or misrepresentation occurred. As a skilled trial lawyer, I am prepared to litigate the matter in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey , as it best serves the client’s interests.

To discuss suspected business fraud or misrepresentation, please call Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken at 215-572-8600 to arrange a consultation.

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Stan – you’ve been an exceptional advisor to me during this unusual period of my life. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.

– A professional disciplinary action client

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– A whistleblower retaliation client

Thank you for believing in my case and for seeing it through. . . . Your thoughtful and measured approach – and your sense of humor – helped me immeasurably.

– An employment discrimination client