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Executive Compensation in Bucks County

The Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in Bucks County handles matters involving executive compensation, professional or key employee contracts, and sales commissions. Stanley Cheiken advises and represents clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey on complex employment contract disputes.

We understand executive compensation agreements

Executives and other professionals are unlikely to work under standard employment contracts, which typically are unwritten and offer little or no protection from the general legal rule that employers can terminate employees at will. Instead, executives and other professionals often work under the terms of a negotiated written agreement that defines the rights of both the employee and the employer in the event of termination by either side. Other rights can be inferred as logical consequences of the written terms or can arise by operation of certain statutes or contract law.

Our Bucks County executive compensation lawyer helps these employees and asserts your rights in disputes involving such situations as the following:

  • Failure to pay salary, earned bonuses, commissions, or other compensation
  • The amounts owed by the employer or the timing of the payment
  • Executive compensation disputes that arise during the sale of a business or the break up or merger of a partnership, including law or medical practices
  • Indemnity and release terms to address personal liability on business debt under guaranties or pledges

Whenever possible, we seek to resolve these issues through negotiation. Contact attorney Stanley B. Cheiken in suburban Philadelphia to learn how the firm can help negotiate the terms in your situation. We help secure executive compensation and benefits for clients in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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