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Breach Of Contract

Breach of contract disputes arise if one party in a contract fails to fulfill the terms of the agreement, whether intentionally or due to unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of the reason for the breach, the terms are still legally binding, giving legal rights to the non-breaching party.

Whether you are seeking to hold another party accountable for its responsibilities in a contract or being accused of breach of contract, I can provide legal solutions to resolve the matter and protect your business interests.

Protecting Your Interests In Breach Of Contract Disputes And Litigation

I have represented professionals and businesses throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey  in a broad range of breach of contract disputes and litigation, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of a commercial lease
  • Breach of buy-sell contracts
  • Breach of services contracts
  • Breach of supplier contracts
  • Breach of licensing contracts
  • Breach of employment contracts and agreements
  • Breach of loans and lending contracts
  • Tortious interference in a contract or business relationship

Several options are available to the court in resolving the dispute. The judge can determine that the party breaching the contract can be forced to pay damages, can be forced to fulfill the terms of the contract or be forced to pay the cost of finding a replacement to fulfill the terms of the contract.

I will explain to you all legal options at your disposal during the dispute, collaborating with you to determine the best resolution to serve your business objectives. Should you seek damages, I can help you understand an appropriate figure to seek, given the contract in question and the circumstances surrounding the dispute.

To discuss the contract in question and your legal rights, please contact Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken today at 215-572-8600.

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Stan – you’ve been an exceptional advisor to me during this unusual period of my life. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.

– A professional disciplinary action client

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– A whistleblower retaliation client

Thank you for believing in my case and for seeing it through. . . . Your thoughtful and measured approach – and your sense of humor – helped me immeasurably.

– An employment discrimination client