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by | Apr 27, 2024 | Firm News |

The longer I practice in this field, the more strongly I feel about the importance of spending time to get to know a client before agreeing to representation. Of course, I firmly believe that the converse is true. It is vitally important for a client to get to know his attorney before entering into an engagement. In business and employment litigation matters the attorney and client will work closely together, share confidences, discuss strategic approaches, and experience ups and downs. I do not recommend entering into this sort of relationship with someone who you have not gotten to know, or worse yet, you do not like or respect. The only way to establish this relationship is to spend some time together discussing the case, your strategy for representation, and learning a little bit about each other. Strongly resist the urge to hire an attorney based only upon a referral, or a beautiful website. Schedule a meeting, spend an hour or two together discussing the case, then decide whether the attorney is right for you.

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