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Working with Expert Witnesses

by | Jan 13, 2024 | Firm News |

Business litigation often involves the use of expert witnesses. An expert witness is someone who will provide an opinion at trial that would not otherwise be permitted to be offered by a “lay” person. For instance, expert testimony may be required to establish a business valuation, or to prove that information has been misappropriated from a computer network. It is important to remember that an expert witness is part of your team. Communication with the expert from the outset is the engagement is vital. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a team member who is less than optimal. Important items when considering hiring an expert are:

  • can the expert provide the opinion you need?
  • is the expert a team player who will be available when needed?
  • will the expert be persuasive as a witness?
  • is the expert open to constructive criticism?
  • does the expert provide value to your team?


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