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Analyzing Employee Claims

by | Sep 10, 2023 | Firm News |

I often consult with individuals who are having problems with their employers. They might have claims for unpaid compensation, or for discriminatory treatment, or alleged poor performance. Each case is different factually, and they often vary in terms of the legal standards applied too. In addition to analyzing the risks, costs and benefits of choosing any particular legal strategy, it is also important to focus on the individual’s future employment prospects. It is always wise to consider whether an individual would be better off if he or she found another job, or at least began to look for one. Staying in a job where you are not being treated fairly may not be the best career strategy, and it is usually not the best legal strategy either. A holistic approach to evaluating employment claims is generally the best approach. Of course, it is wise to ask how any particular career choice may affect your lawsuit. But the more important question is usually how any particular career choice will affect your life.

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