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Justice Takes Time

by | Aug 12, 2023 | Firm News |

This week, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania issued an opinion affirming the decision of the trial court in a case that I am handling. The lawsuit involves a claim that the plaintiff was squeezed out of a corporation in which he is a minority shareholder. The events giving rise to the claim occurred in 2017. The plaintiff has been fighting for compensation ever since. In 2021, during the jury trial of their case, the parties placed the terms of a settlement on the record before a judge in Chester County. But the defense later claimed that the settlement should be set aside. The trial judge disagreed. Now, the appellate court has sided with the trial court, concluding that the settlement is valid and enforceable. Nearly six years after it started, has the case come to an end? Maybe, or maybe not quite yet. What is clear is that, in our system, justice often takes time. Stay tuned.

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