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Getting it Right

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Firm News |

As attorneys, we are asked to prepare and file or serve documents. Frequently, the client is in a rush to have something done. That’s fine, but just like Paul Masson used to say, you should not sell your wine before its time. It is vitally important that you fully and critically analyze the client’s situation and available information before you fire off that letter or pleading. Getting it right the first time requires this. Getting it “mostly right” or completely wrong can doom your client’s case, or at the very least, undercut your client’s position. Resist the urge to do it quickly, just because the client wants it done quickly. The client likely does not understand the adverse consequences that can arise down the road from getting it wrong from the outset. Be firm and do not compromise on this point. The client will benefit in the end, and may even thank you.

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