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Theater sued in breach of contract case with former employee

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Throughout Pennsylvania, individuals and entities who come to a contract agreement will expect the terms to be followed. In some cases, however, there is a dispute and allegations of breach of contract will arise and lead to a legal filing. There are frequently discrepancies in the cause of the rift. With that, one side might expect to be paid for their work while the other claims that the payments and other benefits are not warranted. For those who are involved in this type of disagreement, having legal assistance can be essential to come to a workable solution or go to court.

Theater director leaves job amid back and forth allegations

A man who worked as a summer stock theater director left his job after six years. He asserts that the playhouse breached its contract with him and he is filing a lawsuit. The man resigned from his position at the end of July. According to him, he planned to remain in his position through the end of the year to help the board of directors find a suitable replacement and so there would be a seamless transition. Not long after he resigned, he was told to leave immediately.

The board says it wanted him to stay, but he chose to resign. They assert that he was not fired. The director says that he was informed in August that he needed to return his company credit cards and keys to the theater. He could stay through the end of the year as a consultant and be furloughed, allowing him to apply for unemployment benefits. To him, the demand that he was to depart immediately was tantamount to a dismissal. His lawsuit seeks more than $5,100 for his contract and another $5,670 for staging a production in 2019.

For contract disputes, legal help may be necessary

Business contracts can be complicated and those who believe there has been a violation have the right to file a claim. If an individual leaves a company and has certain expectations based on the contract or the company interprets the situation differently, it can be the foundation for a protracted battle. There could be room to negotiate as misunderstandings are common. Or it might be necessary to go to court. For those who are in a dispute over a contract and may need to move forward with business litigation, having experienced legal assistance may be key to achieving a satisfactory resolution.


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