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Experience Matters

by | May 19, 2024 | Firm News |

Experience matters for trial lawyers. Appearing in court is very frequently a proposition that involves evolving strategy and split-second decision making. Making the right choices can benefit the client greatly. Of course, the opposite is also true. To get the best results, an attorney must keep his eyes on the prize, must know his client’s goals, limitations and expectations, and must be able to chart a path to get there, even as opposing counsel is attempting to thwart his efforts. An attorney has to have poise and grit in this process. To paraphrase Kipling, the attorney must keep his head when all about him are losing theirs . . .  and blaming it on him! But in these situations, there is no substitute for experience. Knowing how these matters tend to turn out, what options exist to those being proposed, and which choices represent the best path forward, is the difference between experienced counsel and an attorney who is still learning the ropes.

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