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What’s the Difference?

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Firm News |

It didn’t take me long to realize something about trial lawyers. After working for a few years in a boutique litigation firm in Center City Philadelphia, having been exposed to some of the top trial lawyers at the time, and having watched some of the best judges do their thing, it hit me.

Everyone’s a genius! I say this facetiously, but it’s basically true. Just about everyone you encounter at this level has earned a high level of distinction, both academically and professionally. These people are smart, educated and experienced.

So what’s the difference between any two top trial lawyers? That’s tough to say. But for me, one characteristic that is important is – wait for it – Creativity.

Sadly, the law school curriculum that weeds out the best from the rest does not generally reward creative thought. Nor does the “intern” or “associate” track of training for young lawyers. But at the top of the lawyer ladder, creative thought can be the difference. It’s about problem solving, brainstorming, and making the most of the tools in your toolbox.

For my money, I’ll take a creative trial lawyer any day.

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