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Zoom is Truth, Truth Zoom

by | Aug 13, 2022 | Firm News |

The practice of law is fantastically more efficient now than it was when I first began to work in a law office in the 1980’s. We had fax machines then, which was a significant technological advancement. But imagine a law practice with no internet, no cell phones, and no emails or texts. The advent of the use of Zoom for meetings, conferences, arguments, hearings, and trials has profoundly impacted the practice too. First, it made practicing law possible during the worst of the Pandemic shutdowns. But even now, when most courts are fully open, Zoom is still being used to create efficiencies that did not previously exist. Instead of having to travel to court, pay to park, wait to be called for your hearing, and then return to your office, now participants can simply join a Zoom meeting at the anointed time and get on with it. Attorneys are not wasting time traveling to court events, and clients are saving the cost of that wasted time. The most significant problem with Zoom had been participants’ inability to use the platform properly. For the fist year or so, rarely was a Zoom event conducted where one or more participants did not struggle logging on or remaining on the platform. But that issue has seemed to work itself out as most participants are now well versed in how to effectively use the platform. Here’s to hoping that Zoom continues to be utilized as a tool to make the practice of law more efficient.

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