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Disciplinary Actions – Consequences

by | Feb 5, 2022 | Firm News |

For licensed professionals in the midst of disciplinary actions, it is important to analyze the effect an adverse disciplinary action may potentially have on your affiliations with third parties. Of course, the termination of your license in a disciplinary action will end your ability to practice. But lesser disciplinary penalties can also have a devastating impact. Suspensions, probation, and even formal admonitions can have a profound impact upon a practitioner’s ability to do business. Indeed, third-parties, such as insurance panels, hospitals, and professional associations will frequently use a disciplinary sanction as a basis to terminate a professional’s contract or credentialing. The loss of credentialing in one organization can be used as a basis for a denial from other organizations. This scenario is akin to a professional death spiral. This is not to say that every disciplinary sanction is tantamount to a professional death penalty. However, the lesson is to fully analyze the potential consequences of professional disciplinary action so that strategic decisions are made with a holistic approach suited to protecting your livelihood.

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