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Disciplinary Actions

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Firm News |

Licensed professionals, like everyone else, sometimes make mistakes. When they do, from time to time, those mistakes lead to administrative disciplinary actions in which the professional is subject to license revocation, suspension, reprimand, or other types of penalties.

In representing professionals in these disciplinary actions for over 25 years, I have come to understand that the most important thing to do is to develop an appropriate strategy from the outset of the case, which usually starts as an investigation or request for information. Professionals often compound their problems by failing to adequately respond to simple requests from an investigator or licensing body. Legal counsel should be obtained from the very beginning. Each case is different, and of course, a licensed professional’s exposure to discipline will vary on a case by case basis. But it could not be clear that, regardless of a professional’s potential exposure, the result will be better if the problem is carefully analyzed by an experienced attorney and the response is timely and professionally made.

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