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Settling Business Disputes

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Firm News |

The settlement of a business litigation is nothing more than a business deal. Some business deals close; and some do not. The same is true with possible business litigation settlements. Some will be consummated and some will not. Those that do not will obtain a result in litigation. And that is absolutely fine.

But for those businesses that want to avoid litigation and settle their dispute, they need to use the same rational approach to settlement as they would in any other business deal. Avoid emotional reactions, carefully and accurately assess the benefits and drawbacks of the deal, and consider the exposure that will result if a settlement is not reached. These decisions should be made by managerial decision makers, not outsourced to litigation managers, or worse yet, lawyers. The job of the lawyer is to advise the business executives and to attempt to accomplish the goals identified by the business. If you know how to make a business deal, you have all the tools necessary to settle a business dispute.

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