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Business Litigation is Business

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Firm News |

I love business litigation. Most of my clients don’t – and that’s a good thing. Business men and women should love their businesses, and loving litigation is generally not the best way to love your business. It is expensive, time consuming, distracting, and risky. This is not to say that business litigation is always bad or should not be pursued. However, it is a reminder that businesses should always keep their eyes on the ball. There are often business solutions to problems that may otherwise end up in litigation, or remain in litigation when a business solution may have been available as a means to end the litigation favorably. If you simply hand off your litigation to an attorney, do not expect a business solution to happen. You need to stay involved with your attorney, participate in the strategic analysis of the case, and actively brainstorm endgame approaches that may take the shape of business solutions.

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