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Are you familiar with mistakes that lead to employee lawsuits?

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You are a business owner who wants to do right by your employees. So, learn some common employer mistakes that lead to employees suing their company.

By understanding common employee grievances, you can get ahead of a potential disaster. Learn how to avoid legal actions that your business cannot afford.

Lack of documentation

Whenever you terminate or formally discipline an employee, provide proper documentation that supports your decision. For instance, you may have written warnings signed by you and the employee in question. Such documents can support your decision to later terminate the worker if the situation does not improve. Regular employee evaluations also better ensure that everyone agrees and that termination or discipline does not catch employees unawares.

Discriminatory treatment

Remain aware of all classes protected by local legislation and the federal government, and study the unfair workplace treatment members of those classes commonly experience. Essentially, you want your actions to remain consistent for all employees, regardless of genetic information, national origin, race or disability. Take an active stance to create and maintain a work environment free of hostile activity and harassment.

Poor management

Inept and unprofessional managers can make it difficult for employees to want to come to work. This ties back to getting ahead of workplace hostility and harassment. All company supervisors should receive sensitivity training. Additionally, do your part to keep the lines of communication open between employees and those in leadership and management roles.

Show your employees you care about them, their rights and their position in your company. Doing so makes for happy workers and a welcoming company culture.

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