"Thank you for believing in my case and for seeing it through. . . . Your thoughtful and measured approach - and your sense of humor - helped me immeasurably."

- An employment discrimination client

"Stan - you've been an exceptional advisor to me during this unusual period of my life. I can't thank you enough for your guidance."
                                     - A professional disciplinary action client

"I thank you for representing me when no one else would."

- A whistleblower retaliation client

"From the moment we started working together he made it his business to become familiar with all aspects of the case, and to help me to understand the complex and often confusing legal perspectives. His intelligence and knowledge of the law and human nature were immediately evident. He was thorough, strategic and dogged in his approach to the opposition."

- An executive severance client

"In a word: fantastic. We were so fortunate to find Stanley. . . . The big firms downtown didn't even want to talk to us without $50K in retainer. Stanley got started for a small fraction of that. The plaintiff was represented by one of the big downtown firms. We negotiated a fantastic settlement (I considered it better than trying the case and winning) and Stanley's TOTAL bill was still a fraction of what the big firms' wanted for the retainer. If all lawyers were this good, this ethical, and this easy to work with, the world would have a much higher opinion of lawyers! I give Stanley my highest recommendation."

- A business litigation client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Stan Cheiken on a few occasions. Stan is an experienced, hardworking attorney who specializes in business issues and litigation. Stan is assertive and someone who you want on your side. I can't imagine turning to anyone else when in need."

- A business litigation client

"Over the years we have seen our business grow from a small one or two man operation to an organization that has numerous facilities with close to 100 employees. We started using Stan years ago to defend us in some general vendor disputes. But when we really needed him the most, he represented us in two Federal cases where we eventually prevailed. Prior to any hearings, he will make sure that you are thoroughly prepared. Throughout the process he listens and will continually use your input. He is at his best in the courtroom! He will eloquently present your side while fighting to make sure your arguments are understood."

- A business litigation client