Disability Accommodation Lawsuits and FMLA Claims

Workers with disabilities or who need to take unpaid leave to tend to medical situations in their immediate families are protected by federal law from the loss of their jobs or other adverse treatment by an employer. If you have questions about your rights and potential claims under such federal legislation as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), contact an experienced workplace rights lawyer at the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in suburban Philadelphia.

We represent Pennsylvania and New Jersey employees with such claims as the following:

  • Employer's failure to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities
  • Employer's denial that an employee's condition is in fact a disability
  • Discrimination against an employee on the basis of an actual or perceived disability
  • Denial of FMLA rights with respect to pregnancy leave, maternity leave, parenting time for fathers or adoptive parents, and other situations and claims covered under the statute
  • Discrimination or retaliation on the job after returning from a period of family leave or recovery from medical treatment

Workplace rights attorney Stanley Cheiken has more than 15 years of experience with the trial and resolution of employee claims, including disability and family leave issues that arise under ADA and the FMLA. His familiarity with the statutes and his ability to relate the facts of your case to the rights protected under law can give you a significant advantage in your disability or medical leave claim.

For a free consultation about your legal alternatives if your employer has denied your rights under federal law, contact the Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken in Huntingdon Valley.