Injunctions And Minority Squeeze-Out

As relationships between members of a corporation sour, the majority ownership may be accused of taking action in an effort to squeeze out a minority member. Squeeze out scenarios often include limiting shareholder compensation, denying access to company records, termination of employment, or denying physical access to company operations.

There is legal relief available to minority shareholders caught in such situations. The minority may seek a preliminary injunction to cease the squeeze-out until the corporation can be dissolved, purchasing the minority shareholder's stock at a reasonable value.

Law Offices of Stanley B. Cheiken represents both majority and minority interests in injunction proceedings, protecting the interests and investments of the clients and litigating for the most efficient resolution possible.

Experienced Strategies For Injunctions In A Minority Squeeze-Out

Seeking an injunction can be expensive in the initial outlay. In the broader picture, however, it saves significant expense in the future, often avoiding the drawn-out legal cost of a lawsuit and immediately protecting the individual's investment and percentage of ownership.

I have nearly 25 years' experience representing businesses and professionals in business litigation, minority disputes and injunctive relief. I will work with you to create a strategy for resolving the matter as efficiently as possible, respecting any budgetary constraints you may have.

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